This is acupuncture for pain due to any reason, no chinese diagnosis is done.  Treatment will in a group setting therefore, only pain of the neck or limbs can be addressed.  Please dress (or bring a change of clothes) accordingly.  If the pain is in the neck, shoulder, elbow or wrist, a sleeveless top or tank top is appropriate.  For knee, ankle, foot or toe(s), wear shorts or a skirt.

          Only a single issue will be treated: 
          for example - just the left knee

          Treatment will take approximately 35-40 minutes.

          Call 913-432-4780 for availability.


An ancient technique traditionally used for respiratory problems, muscle or joint pain, headaches and colds.  It is used primarily on larger areas of the body, especially the back, to stimulate and open meridians.  This helps clear congestion and promote a healthier flow to Qi* and blood.
Suction is applied to the tissues by creating a vacuum under a “cup”.  This is done by a pump on a plastic cup or by heating a glass cup.  The cups are be placed on fixed points and usually left for 5 – 15 minutes.   Glass cups can be moved along muscles or meridians*, using a light massage oil as a lubricant.   This therapy is commonly used for stubborn muscle pain or cramps as well as respiratory problems.  There are some recent studies that indicate it is beneficial for Chronic Fatigue and Dementia.
In the Dementia study, participants had some increase in physical strength, memories and feelings.

Be Aware :
-Cupping is Contra-indicated for: high fever, convulsions, areas with skin conditions and the lower torso of pregnant women.
-Ring shaped bruises commonly occur.  They are generally painless, dull in color and gone in a few days.  Occasionally they can be darker and last 7-9 days.

* Qi  (pronounced “chee)  is generally described as the vital or electrical force  of life.
* Meridians are the pathways that the Qi follows.


Free with a military i. d.

Acupuncture, in general, is beneficial for stress and trauma.  One Protocol in particular has been tested with extreme trauma.  It has helped with victims of Katrina, veterans and their families as well as first responders to name a few examples.

These treatments are performed in a group setting.  There will be soft lights and music but otherwise, we ask participants to be silent.  No explanation is necessary, just come in and join us. 

          Only your ears will be needled.

          Treatments will last about 30 minutes.

Call ahead for availability 913-432-4780.