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Mission Wellness began back in 1975 when Dr. John P. Willits opened the door and began practicing supporting Mission, Kansas and the greater Kansas City metropolitan. After 47 years practicing chiropractic Dr. John Willits retired passing the practice to his son Dr. Brad Willits. In January 2022 the torch was passed to Dr. Ryan Durand who purchased the practice and is currently leading the future of Mission Wellness. 


Over the years Mission Wellness has grown and continued to develop focusing on bringing the best for our customers. 



Dr. Ryan Durand

Dr. Ryan Durand at Mission Wellness Chiropractic

 Dr. Ryan Durand is the owner of Mission Wellness as of 2022.  He grew up in the New England area and is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College located here in the greater KC area.  He graduated Magna Kum Laude. He specializes in Applied Kinesiology, flexion distraction, and diversified adjusting style.  He  focuses on balancing the muscles and joints of the body in order to promote optimal health of both the body and mind.  He believes that true health and happiness comes from maintaining proper balance with their environment and lifestyle which includes chiropractic treatment as a vital component to maintaining optimal neurological function.


Ryan has a passion working with people of all ages from Infant to grandparent.  His background in sports created a true passion for athletes.  Ryan was an NFL offensive lineman for the Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins, and Kansas City Chiefs.  He enjoyed 5 seasons in the NFL with his first start against the Dallas Cowboys. 


He  received his Bachelors in exercise science from Syracuse University where he was a three-year football starter and received All-American and Big-East academic awards every season. He stays in the game through coaching at Shawnee Mission North High School where he is the defensive line position coach. He also volunteers at several summer football camps throughout the KC area.  

Dr. Brad Willits

Dr. Willits grew up in Lenexa graduating from Shawnee Mission Northwest. His college education began at Johnson County Community College where he became an Emergency Medical Technician. While continuing his undergraduate work in chemical engineering at the University of Kansas, he volunteered for Mission Rescue. He worked in the department from 1983-1992. Brad also enjoyed teaching in the EMT program at JCCC.  


Brad achieved his Doctor of Chiropractic at Cleveland Chiropractic College here in Kansas City. He graduated in1988 and immediately began working in his father’s practice.  Following graduation, he began teaching in the diagnosis department at Cleveland Chiropractic College and remained in that position for 15 years. Brad is married with one young daughter, whom he enjoys coaching volleyball. He played USVBA and USA volleyball for 20 years and was an “A” level setter. It was Brad’s interest in becoming a better athlete that led to his post graduate work in exercise physiology and nutrition. He became board qualified in 1995. This knowledge has become a very important part of his practice. He has seen how retraining the body can significantly influence a patient’s recovery.


Peggy Older L, Ac
2010-04-08 04.11.55.jpg

Peggy joined the Mission Wellness team in 2010. She brings 16 years experience to our team. It was her own wellness goals that led Margaret to acupuncture treatment. Margaret became interested in acupuncture as a result of suffering with migraines for years. She was motivated to pursue an education in Oriental Medicine in order to share these benefits with others. Margaret earned a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine under the guidance of Chinese doctors.  


Peggy, as we call her,  graduated in 2002 from The International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Albuquerque, NM. After three years of study, Margaret became nationally board certified in Oriental Medicine which includes acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. She practices Traditional Chinese Medicine style Acupuncture. 

Jennifer Funk L, Ac
Desmond Quary, LMT
desmond head shot_edited.jpg

Jenn started her healing career as an Acupuncturist in 2007. She earned her Masters Degree at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon and is nationally certified as a diplomate in acupuncture. Jenn has a unique awareness of human emotions in relation to pain. She melds her knowledge of the body with an awareness of how physical, emotional and spiritual pain and suffering are connected. This combination enables her to treat patients with a heart felt approach to healing.


Desmond is going into his 3rd year as a licensed massage therapist. He graduated from Wellsprings School of Allied Health. Desmond has always been fascinated with the human body and biomechanics. He also has a deep love of helping people and networking. This is why Desmond chose Massage Therapy as his career and he looks forward to continuing to sharpen his skills and help all in need.

Desmond is proficient in sports massage, deep tissue,  trigger-point therapy and pin and stretch.


Desmond enjoys playing sports and other outdoor activities in his free time. He is a family man and has two young children.

Robin Gustavus, LMT

Robin graduated Summa Cum Laude at Central Missouri State University earning a BFA in theatre.  After working several years in photography, theatre, & television operations, she went back to school and completed the massage therapy program at Career Academy in Anchorage, Alaska.  She has been board certified in therapeutic massage & bodywork (BCTMB) since 2006.   Robin has worked in chiropractic offices, fitness centers, spas, hotels, corporate offices, & athletic events.  She specializes in medical & sports massage utilizing such techniques as deep tissue, trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, myofascial release, & neuromuscular therapy. 

In her free time, Robin still works in theatre lighting at the New Theatre Restaurant.  She also enjoys dancing, seeing live bands, & taking road trips. She was raised travelling in the US Air Force but landed in Missouri in high school & has planted her roots in Kansas City where she lives with her two Chow Chow dogs.

Angela Vandegrift, LMT

As a licensed massage therapist with a passion for holistic healing and 17 years of experience, my aim is to bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the realm of natural therapeutics. With a commitment to promoting well-being and a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, I have cultivated a diverse skill set.


In 2007, I studied Natural Therapeutics at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque, NM. This foundational education laid the groundwork for a career dedicated to the art of healing through bodywork and mindfulness, specializing in migraine/whiplash and TMJ relief.


As a Certified Yoga Teacher through Yoga for You (2010), my understanding of movement and breath work gained greater depth.


Elevating my practice further, I became certified as an Asiatsu Practitioner through DeepFeet out of Denver, CO in 2019. This is a barefoot massage technique that uses the broad surface area of the feet and heel combined with body weight to provide a unique and effective deep tissue thearpy.


In 2021, I completed a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Wichita State University, adding a deeper understanding of the psychological aspects of well-being and mental health.


Finally, my most recent studies led me to Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy through The Embody Lab in Feb. 2024. Somatic Bodywork Practitioners help patients become more aware of their bodies and sensations within them. This increased awareness can help individuals identify areas of tension or discomfort that may be linked to emotional or psychological issues.


​With a commitment to ongoing growth my goal is to stand out as a diverse and compassionate therapist, ready to assist patients on their journey to wellness and self-discovery.

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